Top Tips for Selling Your Car in Wellington

Selling your car in Wellington is no easy task. Currently, there are thousands of both new and second hand vehicles available on the market both locally and online – meaning yours may easily blend into the rest when you’re trying to sell yours!

Luckily, there are many things you can do to increase the appeal – and even value – of your unwanted vehicle. From rusted old Nissan vans to reliable Toyota Corollas to brand new Ford Falcons – there’s a way to easily sell your car to a local Wellingtonian.

So whether you’re selling a car, ute, van, 4WD or light commercial vehicle, check out this handy Wellington’s Car Selling Guide and learn all about  the top tips for selling your car in Wellington!

Wellington Sell Your Car

Reasons for selling your car

If you’re currently in the process of getting rid of an unwanted vehicle, it’s likely that you didn’t come to this decision lightly. There are many reasons as to why people want to sell their car…

  • Upgrading vehicles – It’s common for many people sell their car in order to make some extra cash to buy a better vehicle.
  • Not fuel efficient – Some makes and models of cars chew through the petrol, and end up costing a fortune. Many people choose to sell their car for this exact reason. If you’d like to see how fuel efficient your vehicle is, take a look at EECA Energywise site.
  • Mechanical issues – Is your car causing more problems than its worth? Sometimes it’s more cost effective to invest in a more reliable vehicle. Click for a list of the most reliable vehicles out there.
  • Trouble sourcing parts – does your vehicle only take certain European auto parts? Some makes and models of vehicles require hard to come by parts (that are normally expensive too). The easy option for some is to buy a more common type of vehicle. Make sure you check in with your local Wellington car wreckers first to make sure they don’t have your desired car part in their wrecking yard!

Regardless of what reason you may have for selling your car, this guide will make it easy for you!

How to make the most cash for your car

Selling your car is one thing, but selling it quickly and for the best cash price around is a whole other thing! Rather than bringing your unwanted car into your local car dealership and getting the bare minimum price, you can take some time to get your car ready and advertise it properly.

Getting your car ready involves cleaning it inside and out, whether you pay a professional Wellington car groomer to do it, or you do it yourself.

Having your vehicle professionally serviced can also improve your chances of selling, as it gives the potential buyer peace of mind that it’s fully functional and ready for when they take over ownership.

Wellington Car Selling

Thinking of buying new?

If you’re selling your car in Wellington, it’s likely that you’ll be looking to buy new again. Whether you’re after a more fuel efficient car or a larger one to accommodate for a big family, there’s options for ensuring you get the best car for your cash. Take a look at the Buying New page for helpful information.